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GATECRASH: Bone Harvester (Omega)

GATECRASH: Bone Harvester (Omega)

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This digital product includes .STL and .LYS format 3D files ready for 3D Printing. Files include unsupported and pre-supported models.

Once a revered warrior and general know by a name long forgotten, Bone Harvester was defined by his prowess in countless brutal wars. Returning victorious from a prolonged conflict, he discovered a betrayal that shattered his world: his wife and child had replaced him with the king he served. Enraged, he unleashed his fury, killing his family and the king, and taking macabre trophies from each to remind him of his pain. The kingdom descended into chaos, his relentless wrath grew – and he continued harvest the bones of his foes and any who would oppose him – until hie heard the whispers of Omega, beckoning him into Issora’s heart. Here he was transformed into the Bone Harvester, a creature more spectral than flesh, his humanity stripped away, replaced by an undying form composed of the bones of his vanquished enemies. Now, he roams as a golem of bones and death, an immortal being fixated on bringing all things to their final ending, forever haunted by the whispers that led him to his own cursed immortality.

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