What is Gatecrash?

Gatecrash is an in-development 2-6 player Battle Arena Board Game being produced by Jazza and his Team, with the goal being to produce a fun, fast-paced competitive game that is easy to pick up, but deep to master.

In games of Gatecrash, players will control 1-3 Gatecrashers with the aim to be the first to enter the Gateway in the center of the board. Build strategies around how you use your energy, cards, and characters to be declared the winner, and ultimate Gatecrasher!

Want to Play-Test?

I'll be opening up for feedback over time, at first, for locals to the East-Melbourne and Gippsland areas (VIC, Australia), then later, Online (Tabletop Simulator, Streams etc) and potentially other in-person locations!

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