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GATECRASH: Scrap (Corpus)

GATECRASH: Scrap (Corpus)

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This digital product includes .STL and .LYS format 3D files ready for 3D Printing. Files include unsupported and pre-supported models.

Scrap's life began amid the ruins of his home world, once a utopia, its peace was shattered when a warring civilization lead by Gatecrashers invaded. Scrap was raised among guerrilla fighters and relentless conflict, and has learned to survive through a mixture of cunning and brutality, his emotions dulled by the continuous warfare that consumes his youth. At 13 years old after years of fighting alongside dwindling resistance, Scrap has now found himself alone, navigating the war-torn remnants of his world. Driven by survival, he discovered a gateway - a tear in reality—leading him into Issora's heart, where he was granted the power of survival by Corpus. Emboldened but haunted by his past, Scrap now navigates the multiverse as a lone Gatecrasher searching for the forces responsible for his planet's destruction, determined to bring them down, if he could only uncover who they were…

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